Hail Damage | Ally Construction | Wichita Roofing, Remodeling, Maintenance and Restoration

We're no strangers to hail here in the Wichita area.  Spring regularly brings with it a few hail and wind storms.  If you think hail has damaged your roof we recommend you have a licensed professional inspect it before any further damage can occur.

Roofing systems are generally pretty hardy when it comes to small storms.  They're built to handle normal weather conditions, but as you know the weather is not always normal here in the Midwest.  Normally hail must be around the size of a golf ball to cause damage to your roof, but older aged roofs often can't take much before they begin to fail.

Hail will also damage siding and gutters.  These should not be overlooked when having your home inspected after a storm.  Shingles damaged by hail can lose their top granule layer which protects your roof from the sun's harmful UV rays.  This quickly leads to a breakdown of the entire roofing system and can damage your home.

It's often hard to determine the extent of the damage, and it's best to have a professional inspect your home's exterior.  We perform free inspections and would be glad to help you ensure your home is in top shape.

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