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Your house has been relentlessly pounded by one of our lovely spring hail storms here in the Midwest and your wondering where do you start?  You're anxious about how much damage your home has taken, how much it will cost you, and who do you contact first?  Your roof looks alright, except for a couple spots that look visibly damaged from the ground, maybe you'll just ignore it, it doesn't look that bad.

Don't ignore the problem!  Contact Ally Construction for a free inspection.  Hail can cause severe damage that is not always visible from the ground.  In most cases, hail damage may not cause a leak immediately, but will later on down the road. Depending on the damage you may need as little as a small roof repair or a completely new roof installed.

We will help you determine the extent of the damage and determine if you have enough damage to justify an insurance claim.  We will also review your adjuster summary report to ensure the damage was properly assessed by your insurance company.

If you've never processed a claim before, don't worry.  We can also help you process your claim.  We know working through the entire process can be stressful, we can make it as pleasant an experience as possible.

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