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It's important to have your roof inspected regularly, or at least after any major storms.  If you think your roof might have been damaged or your roof is older and hasn't been inspected recently now is the time to have an inspection performed.  We offer free roof inspections, here's what to expect.

We are generally able to schedule as early as next day appointments, and often same day if you contact us early morning.  We provide a complete and thourough inspection of the entire roof system.  This includes all the roofing materials, peaks valleys, vents, chimneys, flashings, etc.  A complete inspection will help us provide you with a very accurate estimate of the project and prevent any surprises during the job.

Once we've inspected the entire roof exterior, we will calculate the cost based on the current prices of materials.  We will also provide you with your options for reroofing or roof repair materials.  Often you can receive our estimate same day or next day.  We will provide you with a complete report of what needs to be done and the cost including the materials you've selected.

We provide professional inspections at no cost to homeowners in the Wichita metro and all surrounding areas.

Call us today for your free inspection at 316-259-9912!