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Slate is a beautiful natural roofing material which can give your home a great traditional look.  It's also a great choice for fire resistance and holds up strong to some of the harsh spring weather we receive here around Wichita.  If you're considering slate for your next roof, you've chosen wisely.  

Slate comes with many advantages

  • Great insulation from both heat and cold
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Beautiful look of natural stone
  • Long life and incredible durability
  • Comes in a huge assortmant of colors

Slate is great, but can pose a few problems

Although the durability of slate is unparalleled, you must take great care to ensure your slate roof maintains it's beauty and performance for its up to 200 year lifespan.  Poor maintenance or repairs made incorrectly are likely to ruin the look of your roof and can often lead to water damage.

We love the look of slate and have the experience you need to install a new slate roof or repair your existing roof.  

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