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Tile roofs make your house look unique and provide many benefits over traditional composition roofs.  Concrete and tile roofs are mineral-based, nontoxic, and can be reused in manufacturing.  This makes them much more of a green product than other petroleum-based and fossil-fuel dependent products (asphalt shingles we're looking at you).

Some Tile Facts

Roof tile comes in a multitude of new and old architectural styles and just about any color.

Concrete and clay roof tiles are resistant to fire, hail and moisture.

Air circulation under loosely laid tiles helps conserve energy during both winter and summer months.

Tiles are extremely durable and some brands guarantee their tiles against fading for as long as 50 years.

There are many benefits to tile roofs.  They are great at sustaining high winds if properly installed.  They maintain their long-lasting beauty much better than other roof materials.  Lasting 50 to 100 years they are one of the most economical choices for roofing.  Under normal conditions they require very limited maintenance.

Convinced yet?

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