How can the weather damage your roof? | Ally Construction | Wichita Roofing, Remodeling, Maintenance and Restoration

Wichita Roofing Weather Damage

The weather in Wichita can sometimes be unpredictable, and only seems to becoming more common.  Whether it's a heat wave, strong winds, damaging hail, your roof can take a real beating.

We see a lot of roofing problems related to wind damage and hail throughout the year and understanding what's happening to your roof during adverse weather can help anticipate problems and spot issues before they get out of control and cause too much damage.

Roofs are designed to withstand normal winds and weather related to their location, but not necessarily for the most severe events like like extreme high winds or tornadoes.

Depending on the severity of the wind, it can cause positive or negative pressure points across the roof.  The most common problem area's are the roof edges, but older roofs can also allow water penetration if shingles are loose and the wind lifts them up.

One may not notice the damage immediately, but over time and through multiple storms a problem can compound and become more and more damaging to your entire roof.

Be sure to have your roof inspected if you notice any damage big or small.  A small problem can often escalate much faster than you anticipate.