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Thinking of selling your home?? You might need to make some repairs first. This will ensure that you get the most out value out of your home. Here is a list of the things that we find to be the most common repairs needed:

1. Replace/Repair any windows and sagging doors

2. Examine the roof- hail damage, and other natural wearing will need to be replaced

3. Check your gutters

4. Patch holes, and/or repaint

5. Replace damaged flooring

6. Reseal the toilet

7. Stop faucet drips

8. Renew dinged baseboards

9. Repair any damage to cabinets

It seems like a lot, but if they are done, it will help you get more money for your home. We can help you with all of these things. Feel free to give us a call for a consultation. We are here for you, and your home.


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