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Choose Ally Construction over all other roofing companies in Wichita, KS

Choose Ally Construction over all other roofing companies in Wichita, KS

Ally construction has the best roofers in Wichita and has a million dollar insurance policy so you have nothing to worry about. We will help you with your insurance claim so it is painless and you get to enjoy your new roof much quicker. We are locally owned and family owned. If you have any question about our Wichita roofing services please call (316) 259-9912 or visit our website at

At Ally construction, we want you to “consider us your ally” and use our services from everything from handyman services, home improvements, roofing, building and office maintenance to the construction project you have wanted to take care of your entire life. We will do it for you and you will love it!

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At Ally Construction we believe that you should live in the house that you want to live in. If you have a house that you love but you know the wall colors are not up to par with your style than call Ally Construction. We don’t only do construction in Wichita, roofing in Wichita, maintenance in Wichita but we are your handyman service in Wichita, KS. We do everything from changing windows, cleaning offices, changing locks, to painting. Right now is a busy time for many offices. You more than likely have people coming in and out of your office. You may have some areas that need to be touched up. Call Ally Construction for your painting in Wichita, KS. Maybe you need a room or your entire home painted. Ally Construction does both interior and exterior painting. We promise you will love your new paint job. We have many happy customers. Call us today and schedule your new paint job.

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Wichita, KS - After last night you might need a local Wichita roofing contractors to come our to fix your home. Last night was quite a stormy evening for Wichita. If you were down south you didn’t see very much action, but the north side of Wichita and the east side were pelted with hail on two different occasions. The night started out with lots of lightning and thunder. For amateur photographers that might have been a perfect time to take some beautiful pictures. If you are a home owner on the other hand you may have had to wake up to lots of clean up. The lighting and thunder quickly turned to rain and in some cases hail. The hail varied from marble size to even ping pong size in some areas. This weather is typical to Kansas during the spring and summer seasons. It is important for you to have wichita contractors that you have at your disposal and especially after severe storms like we had in Wichita last night. At Ally Construction, we want to be your favorite wichita contractors. We want you to know you can trust us. Right now, we are giving people free inspections for hail and wind damage to their homes and roofs. If there is significant damage we will help you with the insurance claims process. If you have any questions please feel free to call us today. We will schedule a free inspection within 24 hours. Call us today! (316) 259-9912

Wanna paint your house this summer? We do it all! We do painting, home improvements, maintenance and anything you might have in mind! Call today for your free consultation.

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We have recently joined Thumbtack. Ever heard of that site? We liked it, because we could put up our information and have a nice mini website for our business, it's under Wichita Roofing Contractor - Ally Construction - Wichita,KS Roofing. The goal of our social media is to help you find us much easier. We are hoping that all this helps you to find the best wichita roofing contractor in Wichita,KS. We hope you choose us and will be glad to serve you. That is what we are here for; To make sure that when we leave your home it looks better than it ever did and you are happy! At Ally Construciton we want you to consider us your ally when it comes to roofing, remodeling, construction, janitorial services.


The Importance of Attic Ventilation

Why is ventilation important?

It's important that your attic be properly vented to provide circulation both in the Winter and the Summer.  

During the winter its important that the attic receive fresh air from outside to keep it cool.  If the attic were to get too warm in the winter it could cause snow on your roof to melt and refreeze in your gutters.  This is called Ice Damming and can damage your roof.

During the summer the attic needs proper ventilation to remove the hot air.  This helps to remove moisture from the air as well as protecting the roof shingles.

Types of ventilation:

Wind Turbine: Also sometimes called 'whirlybird' vents.  These non-electric vents use wind and air pressure to remove air from the attic.  These are quite common in area's where it is consistently windy and cost is a factor.

Roof Louvers: Simple covered openings which allow air to escape from the attic.  Generally several vents will be required to be evenly space accross your roof.  These are preferred over wall louvers which can cause hot spots.

Ridge Vents: Pictured below, ridge vents run the entire length of the roof.  Ridge vents are visually appealing as they blend in to the roof much better than the alternatives.  They also provide more evenly distributed ventilation.

Wichita Roofing Ridge VentsWhat type of ventilation is right for me?

There is quite a lot to consider when redoing your roof but we can help you!  Give us a call at (316) 259-9912 and we can answer all your questions.  We provide free estimates.

Preparation: The key to a great paint job

Many homeowners don't realize the amount of time that is spent doing prep work prior to painting.  Generally most of the time spent on a paint job is the prep work.

Why is proper preparation important?

Caulking FinishingProper preparation is the key to a long lasting high quality paint job.  If your painting surface is not properly prepared you will only be creating more work for yourself later.  A poor quality paint job is time spent wasted as paint will not adhere correctly and will not last nearly as long as a quality paint job.  Your house could also be at risk for water damage if proper preparation is not taken.

What is done during the preparation phase?

Prior to painting all loose paint must be scraped free.  Loose paint that is not removed prior to painting can easily ruin any paint job.  Also important is to caulk around all windows and gaps.  Any gaps not addressed can allow water to penetrate into the house causing future water damage.  There are also many other importants preparation steps to consider depending on the type of siding and trim currently on your house.

Proper preparation prior to painting for outdoor(and indoor) paint jobs is the most important step to ensuring a long lasting and good looking finish.

Do you need a high quality professional paint job in the Wichita area?  Contact us here at Ally Construction for a free bid today! Call 316-259-9912.