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Your bathroom hasn't been remodeled in years.  It has an old faded green bathtub converted to a shower and a green toilet.  The floor is old vinyl flooring and is peeling up in the corner.  Your medicine cabinet looks like it should be in an old western movie and your hand towels are always wet and never seem to dry.

Where do you start?

These are what homeowners tell us all the time.  Remodeling your bathroom can have an enormous impact on the value of your home, and an even bigger impact on your comfort.  

Let's face it, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms.  Our bathrooms should be clean, large enough to move around in comfortably and properly ventilated.  You don't want to spend time in a moldy ugly looking old bathroom.

Replace your tub, install a shower, replace your bathroom sink, tile the floors, install a new toilet and a ventilation fan.  These are some of the many possibilities there are to greatly enhance the comfort and value of your bathroom.

Need a hand?

Give us a call and let us remodel your bathroom.  We will remodel to your exact specifications or even help you plan out your options if you don't quite know what you want.

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